Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 7

We've tried to post some pictures for previous days but no joy so far. Stay tuned.

For now the storms seem to have passed, we had a beautiful day today. Starting with a walk on the beach just after dawn. Mid morning we each had 90 minute pedicures. Talk about the full treatment! It was great. After which, we had our obligitory mid day Tanq and tonic, followed by a lunch at La Trattoria at Dusit Thani, an adjacent resort down the road, all a part of the Laguna complex I wrote about yesterday.

Karen is out taking pictures of the sunset (fairly early here as it's just 5:45, then we're back to the Dusit as we really liked the menu at the Thai restaurant there when we checked it out. We leave the Banyan Tree on Saturday morning (tomorrow) but frankly we'd rather stay. The Indigo Pearl is has a high standard set for it. We'll see.

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